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We'd like to say THANK YOU to all our clients, for giving us the opportunity to assist you!  

Here are some of the things our clients have to say about Control+M Solutions:  

"Our company self-implemented Plex. Over the next two years, we stumbled through attempting to configure the system without a clear understanding of the overall picture. Nothing really worked right and we had work-arounds stacked on top of work-arounds. After engaging Control-M, they were able to quickly understand the issues and begin developing a plan to fix the problems. Their knowledge and expertise have allowed us to make great strides in improving the stability and usability of our system over the last few months. User that had become frustrated and maligned Plex are now happy and working to move the business forward on Plex. Control-M will continue to be a part of our IT Team."

Kurt, Sr Manager, IT Applications

"When you are in a pickle, call Control – M.  Patti’s team is quick to respond, thorough in analysis, and effective in designing and implementing solutions."
Zack, CFO

"I can wholeheartedly recommend Control+M Solutions as the company to go to for Plex pre and post implementation advice and help.  After a rough implementation, Control+M was the fourth consulting group that we sought help from in trying to solve our ongoing issues.  We likely could not have successfully finished our implementation but for her assistance.  I am only we sorry we did not find Control+M Solutions sooner.
Control+M's many Plex implementations show in their confident approach that resulted in their staff members being immediately embraced by each department they interacted with.  Their skills of being able to communicate her ideas and their associated benefits effectively, achieved improvement after improvement. Simply put, they get results.
They took the time to understand our business and delivered excellent work and showed professionalism and attention to detail in all interactions with us.  At the same time their approach was flexible enough to take into account the specific characteristics of our business so that business processes were understood to optimize the best fit between our company and Plex
I can not recommend Control+M Solutions enough and will continue to turn to them for understanding and implementing new Plex processes."
Veronica, IT Manager and Plex Champion

"From the day Patti arrived she proved herself to be agile and quick. She adapted well to our challenging environment and quickly understood the intricacies of the business and how to navigate the people. Our users all held her in very high regard, and completely trust her. She earned this by understanding, never over promising, and by delivering on her promises. 
Her knowledge of Business, Manufacturing,and Plex, along with her awareness that she doesn’t know it all has been a critical ingredient in success. She consistently spearheaded the fine tuning that made a huge difference to our users. Her attention to detail, from the user point of view, has been obvious to the business. Her personal dedication and commitment set a high bar for the team and the team tried to match it. 
She doesn’t shy away from the issues, always presenting the facts but also always presenting viable options. That’s very important to me. 
I believe the success of our go live, while a team effort, is a testament tribute to her leadership and skills in this implementation. 
I wholeheartedly recommend Patti and would be glad to speak to anyone that wants to hear a firsthand testament to her capabilities. 
If you’ve ever read “Raving Fans”, I’m a fan of Patti’s."

Kevin, VP & CIO